Coming January, 2012! Now Dr. Chansky's advice comes in Adult Sizes too! Freeing Yourself from Anxiety: Four Simple Steps to Overcome Worry and Create the Life You Want

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Welcome! Is your child anxious, fearful, pessimistic, depressed or suffering from OCD? Do you feel anxious yourself about how to help? The Freeing Your Child series illuminates your child's struggles,demystifies how the brain would do the things it does,and by cultivating children's clear, competent thinking skills and emotional intelligence, lights a new pathway to create a happy and fulfilling life.

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Psychology for the Homefront

When a child is struggling with fears, worries, doubts and disappointments, parents are on the front lines seeing the anguish and often paralyzed by their own confusion-- why is their child struggling with what seems so surmountable? Actually parents are in a unique position to wrestle them free when they understand the thought processes that are holding their child back.Families can get locked in to their children’s symptoms when they don’t know there’s another way. When parent’s efforts to help their children backfire or are ineffective, they need advice that works.

In each book you'll find:

Cutting edge research on cognitive-behavioral strategies

Easy to follow scripts for how to talk to your child about their thoughts

Metaphors and creative illustrations to take the mystery out of confusing symptoms

Powerful strategies that translate from the therapy room to the kitchen table

Games and exercises to reinforce skills at home

Stories of hope and triumph from families who have overcome struggles with their child and are

The Freeing Your Child series offers powerful, practical strategies for parents of children with anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and negative thinking. By cracking the code and taking the mystery out of confusing and distressing symptoms, parents will regain their confidence that they can make a difference. Written in a compassionate, streamlined and effective style, parents will understand how their children’s maladaptive perceptions get built and reinforced, how they are nobody’s fault, but most of all, how to teach their children new ways to view and act on their life. By learning how to identify the tricks the mind can play like magnifying the risk in a situation, children can choose to not go with their mind’s first reaction, and can instead develop the habit of reaching for a second realistic reaction. When children have a roadmap to freedom there is no stopping them. Here’s a map to your child’s healthy, happy and satisfying life!

By Tamar Chansky, Ph.D.

Founder and Director, Children’s Center for OCD and Anxiety
Plymouth Meeting, PA